Organizing the journey

Adding REAL value to your holiday!

There is nothing better than a good holiday to relax and release the stress that assails us in our everyday life. Lorella offers her experience and professionalism to “gift wrap” ideal holidays and avoid any unpleasant surprises due to poor organization and inappropriate decisions. She is going to do her best in making life much easier for you; like this you will be enabled to discover hidden, interesting gems and curiosities and to go through emotionally-laden, unforgettable experiences, that if you were alone you would never ever be able to find, which might also be due to your short time available. All this will let you get the best value from your precious time and you will thus be able to make the most of your holiday!

Lorella’s recipe:

  • The journey is always organized in relation to the travellers’ expectations and the interests and habits of the family group undertaking the trip together;
  • The initial input comes from the travellers so that the trip can be made to measure for them;
  • Preparing a holiday is a very enjoyable and stimulating activity, but it requires a lot of time. In order to minimize the times and ensure optimum customer satisfaction, we need to get to know our potential travellers well enough;
  • The final aim: making dreams come true.