Fields of specialization:

  • Knitwear and knitting machines;
  • Clothing industry;
  • Fashion accessories - Coat-hangers - Hats;
  • Packing machines;
  • Woodworking machines;
  • Machine tools;
  • Electronic equipment for tool control and calibration;
  • Numerically controlled machines;
  • Hot-stamping label machines;
  • Bicycle accessories;
  • Child seats for bicycles and cars;
  • Banks and insurance companies (annual reports on balance sheets);
  • Legal deeds (contracts, writs of summons or claim forms, divorce and other judgments, powers of attorney, certificates of the criminal records office, tender documentation, Chamber of Commerce certificates and perusals, etc.);
  • Civil records and various Registry Office certificates (birth, marriage, multiple Civil Register certificates, death certificates, academic qualifications and certificates, diplomas, degree certificates, driving licences, vehicle registration documents, etc.);
  • Park and playground equipment;
  • Control systems for concrete batching and mixing plants;
  • Scientific and medical research;
  • Food sector;
  • Cattle slaughtering plants;
  • Hardened glass and crystal;
  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Footwear;
  • Brick kiln extruder-dies;
  • Ceramic floor and wall tiles;
  • Loft ladders and spiral staircases;
  • Filing systems;
  • Anti-theft devices for cars;
  • Automatic gate openers;
  • Hot-galvanising plants;
  • Automatic bottling lines.

For other fields not specified above, we undertake to gather the appropriate information and carry out research on specific terminology. To this end the collaboration of our customers is of vital importance and it is essential to maintain continuous communication during the entire translating process.