Good language professionals act as a bridge between two different cultures that want to communicate, making available all their experience meticulously acquired over many years of study and work.
In this way practising languages becomes a means of virtual travel - a mental journey.
Constantly striving for perfection in a language becomes a way of living it, rather than enduring it, and a fascinating experience in its own right.

The reward for all this? The satisfaction of providing our clients with a key element for the elimination of linguistic and cultural barriers.

Interpreting services and translations

  • Translation and Revision in several languages
  • Qualified Mother Tongue Translators
  • Technical Translations
  • Advertising and Web Site Translations
  • Scientific and Legal Translations
  • Translations of Registry Office Certificates, Academic Qualifications and Certificates, Driving Licenses and Sundry Certificates
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Sworn Translations, Legalizations and The Hague Apostilles

Documents and certificates to be professionally translated, which shall be sworn by a sworn or “official” translator…

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One-to-One Courses

for Italian and Foreign Learners

  • Tutor with Continuous Training and C2 International Certifications
  • Organization of Intensive Courses Abroad for Students and Adults Throughout the Year
  • One-to-One, Customized Lessons at Gabicce Mare
  • Multimedia Lessons Via Skype
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian as a foreign language (L2)
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Tour leader

Lorella, as a dedicated traveller, WILL hand you the key to:

  • Information from the Local Population for a Successful SLOW TOURISM, along Secondary Roads, Off the Beaten Track
  • Any kind of Worries Left Behind
  • The Best Value to Your Precious Time
  • A Privileged Access to both the most Authentic Local Traditions (notably WINE AND FOOD TOURS AND TASTINGS of Heritage Products and Produce) and the most Hidden Jewels of our Rich Micro Territory
  • Amazingly Unique, Emotionally-laden and Unforgettable Experiences!
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Curiosities from around the world

This page is important for keeping up to date with what we hold dearest: travel and languages!

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