How we have been running our customized courses:


  • FREE-OF-CHARGE Placement Test (except for complete beginners) made up of a reading comprehension and of a listening drill: it will take us about 2 hours.
  • Correction of the test to identify the level you have already reached (beginner, elementary, lower
  • intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced) and the points that we will be dealing with.
  • The preliminary interview is essential to me: I need it to fully understand the goals that you, with so much curiosity, want to achieve.
  • CREATIVE AND DYNAMIC CLASSES: with this approach differing from the usual Italian school method, we will be able to delve into specific technical terminology concerning the fields you are most interested in or meeting your requirements (business English, conversations over the phone, survival and situational English, fashion, “full immersion” preparation so that you might get ready to ERASMUS study periods and to work abroad). Explanations supplemented by good sheets summing up grammar matters or vocabulary
  • (I created most of them myself) provided ad hoc, whenever they are required.
  • Rhythm of attendance of classes: If you do not have to pack shortly, my recommendation is you should have at least two 60-minute hours per week. Mind! Since the class is nothing but a starting point, you must be willing to set aside an equivalent time to work at home,  to revise and look up everything and to pursue extension practice. Work hard! It is the only way!

STEP 1: New! This is rarely offered in Italy! We will ascertain whether you are familiar with the international phonetic alphabet or not, so that you might improve your English even thanks to your self-study! I will also be insisting on alphabet/ spelling, two crucial instruments even between two mother-tongue people speaking to each other!

STEP 2: I will help you expand your vocabulary as much as possible and to efficiently store this wealth of vocabulary that you will be gradually building up (along the way we are also going to discover false friends, homophones, interesting idioms [the feather in the cap of culture in each country, which enriches each language]);

STEP 3: I will help you improve your listening skills, by listening with you to as many authentic listening resources as possible, so that you might also be able to correct your pronunciation.

STEP 4: We will learn how to write messages / letters in a correct way; to this purpose we will be observing typical patterns, sometimes existing exclusively in the target language and often wandering off our usual way of thinking and “running along a track parallel to our own language” (this is why machine translations will never ever be reliable!).

STEP 5: FINAL ONE: you will manage to reach this level in the most natural way: you will be ableto speak in a more and more independent way.

Don’t be afraid! You will face no embarrassing situations with me: classes are on the one-to-one basis!

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY IN FIXING THE TIME AND CALENDAR OF YOUR CLASSES AND NO WASTE OF TIME: You are going to fix the classes at any time that suits you best, throughout the whole day; among other things, in this way, you willmiss no classes and you will benefit from 100% of the course, tailored to fit YOU!

Cancellations: don’t even dare to cancel a class just half an hour before the scheduled time: if you do, I will be unable to plan anything ahead! Inform me with at least 24 hours’ notice! Thanks!