One-to-One courses

For Italian and foreign learners

We have always valued life-long learning, well before this concept became fashionable in relatively recent times.
Our founding member, Lorella Paltrinieri, is the most active in promoting this conviction though the organization of intensive “Full Immersion” courses abroad at highly respected linguistic institutions based in prestigious settings.

After thirty years of day to day activity in foreign languages in English, French, and Spanish she has achieved the highest level of recognition: international C2 certifications, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
On the strength of this knowledge, Lorella offers private, on a one-to-one basis and customized lessons, in English, French, Spanish, and Italian L2 (Italian as a foreign language) at Gabicce Mare, via Skype, or at locations to be agreed upon in each specific case.

Consolidated experience!

Since 1983 Lorella has been offering her linguistic services with the maximum professionalism and skill. The lessons arecustomized on the basis of the requirements and needs of learners, be these students or adults.
Before starting a course we believe that it is essential to hold a preliminary introductory interview in order to clearly identify the objectives to be achieved.
Subsequently the teaching materials are decided and a programme is defined. Additional specially-designed teaching sheets are provided, with practice exercises well tested over time (we have a vast collection of materials available). During the lessons advice will also be provided for the use of teaching materials from real life sources (for example, podcasts of foreign on-line radio programmes).

Boost your learning abroad,  in language schools enjoying an excellent reputation!

Since 1990 our centre has been organizing intensive “Full Immersion” courses abroad throughout the year, for students and adults (above beginner level). These courses provide a test bench of what has already been learned and are also an excellent way to speed up the rate of learning and generate motivation for further study.
The selected schools (personally tested by Lorella Paltrinieri) are located in prestigious settings:

  • Salamanca (birthplace of Castilian Spanish) and Seville, in Spain;
  • Vichy in France;
  • Oxford and Wimbledon in England (UK);
  • Dublin in Ireland.

All these schools have a long history and are accredited by supervisory bodies for the high quality of the teaching of foreign languages and the residential facilities for students.
Contact Lorella for further information: we will be happy to assist you.