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On The spot investigation to find one’s ancestral roots

CAROVILLI (ISERNIA, MOLISE Region, ITALY) : On The spot investigation to find one’s ancestral roots
Monday, July 20, 2015
On Sunday July 19, 2015  Brian, an American tourist coming from Cleveland (Ohio, US) sends an e-mail to me, an Italian translator and interpreter fluent in English, French and Spanish. He is going to stop in Italy just for a few days and wants to achieve a laborious quest started at Ellis Island, New York City, also dubbed the “Island of tears” because, to set foot on the U.S. territory all the arrived people had to pass quarantine and not all of them were granted entry to the US. There is an electronic repertoire of all the immigrants into the US from 1891 to 1943. All their names are also engraved on both sides of a long wall.. This is unquestionably a timeless must-see sight in New York City. I actually visited it in 1995, but I  still have a very good memory of it.
He must absolutely take the trip on Monday, July 20, 2015.. I can see his request only with a slight delay and, to make sure it is not too late, I call him on his U.S. cell phone.. All right, he is still looking for someone and hence I tell him I am available.. I dare say I can boast a long expertise of very long trips and motorcycle rides…. This American guy says he must pinch himself to believe he has been able to find someone available at once to help him in this “daydream” and he is holding a treasure that he found: a folder with the birth certificate of Salvatore, his great grandfather, issued in 1888 by a priest of the Church of S. Maria Assunta of the village of Carovilli (Isernia, Molise region, and bordering with the Abruzzo region).
We leave Pesaro for a return trip by car (four hours’ drive one way and then another four hours’ drive back) and our mission is to  follow the footsteps of and discover as much as possible on Brian’s great grandfather…


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