Castelluccio di Norcia in full bloom


Castelluccio is a small hamlet within the Municipality of Norcia (Perugia) at an altitude of 1,452 m above sea level. It overlooks a plateau where they mainly grow Castelluccio Lentils. Since Castelluccio Lentils received their European PGI status on 13 June 1997, they cannot spread weed-killers and as a result there is a gorgeous flowering time of weeds, among which the wild poppy, the by now rare bluebottle, the mustard and other flowers which all create a breath-taking sea of colours. Their full bloom goes from 5th to 15th July, every year.

Since it is located in the heart of the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains, a Nature and Walking Guide can take you to strategic, exclusive spots to take unique photos after dusk, at night or at dawn, with the observation from a second-to-none position of a starry sky and of the Milky Way without light pollution! THE MAGIC OF IT IS UNGORGETTABLE!


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